Hey Baby, Hey Baby, Hey!

Let’s go inside so I can play!

Nugget Nation MKE wants all our Nuggets to have a safe indoor play space. That’s why Tiny Nugget Terrace is more than just an indoor play place for toddlers, walkers, and crawlers – it’s a semi-private area so our Baby Nuggets can cut loose and have fun.

We have a ton to keep kids age 23 months to crawlers delighted and engaged, exploring with their eyes, fingers, and sock-covered toes while developing their fine and gross motor skills for greater independence. (Think: Your Nugget is able to button their coat by themselves now?! Wow!!! Thanks, Nugget Nation MKE!)

About Our Indoor Play Place for Toddlers, Walkers & Crawlers

Some of the gross and fine motor activities Tiny Nugget Terrace has to offer include…

  • Busy boards
  • Pull-up bar with mirrors
  • Sensory boards
  • Soft foam climbing boxes

… just to name a few!

This indoor play place for toddlers, walkers, and crawlers will also be getting its own climber and slide shortly.


Nugget Nation MKE is an adult-supervised children’s indoor play place offering a series of parent/child-style activities devoted to the physical, mental, emotional, and social development of kids. Therefore, for safety, all Nuggets must be accompanied by an adult to be admitted to the Nugget Nation MKE play spaces. In addition, a legal guardian must sign a waiver on each child’s behalf before entry.

Health & Safety

The Tiny Nugget Terrace indoor play place for toddlers, walkers, and crawlers is regularly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. We ask that you please sanitize your hands upon arrival and frequently re-sanitize throughout your time at the Nugget Nation MKE facility. Hand sanitizer dispensers are readily available, as are well-appointed bathrooms. If feeling ill or recovering from illness, we ask that you please stay home.

Shoes are prohibited in all play spaces. Socks are required. Cubbies are available for stowing shoes and other personal items. Please note that this storage is provided as a courtesy: use at your own risk. (Though the risk of your Nugget being delighted and engaged here at Nugget Nation MKE is much, much higher!)

Nugget Nation MKE play waiver

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