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Playing is important at any age and stage of a child’s development. When children are engaged in play, they are honing the skills they will need in other aspects of life. Nugget Nation MKE is committed to offering a wide range of activities to help kids hone those skills while having a blast!

– Jenna Marchant, Nugget Nation MKE Owner and Creator

Discover why our team is uniquely qualified to run Nugget Nation MKE.

The ownership and management team of Nugget Nation MKE comes with more than 20 years of childcare experience and over 30 years of sales and customer service experience. Jenna Marchant, Owner and Creator of Nugget Nation MKE, possesses the following individual credentials:

  • 15 years of experience owning and operating a successful in-home childcare center
  • Bachelor’s degree in early education from the University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Personal and private nanny experience
  • Corporate daycare center experience
  • 20+ years in sales and customer service

Meet the other members of what we affectionately refer to as our Nug Crew.

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Understand our mission, philosophy, and vision.

Our mission is to provide an engaging and safe environment for kids to learn through inspired and purposeful play. 

We believe that play is vital to being a kid. It is how we learn, grow, and gain experience to understand the everyday world.

Nugget Nation MKE promotes intellectual, social, physical, and emotional development through activities that engage a child’s imagination and curiosity. Our facility provides age-appropriate learning opportunities that kids love, parents trust, and our staff is proud to be part of. 

Help us achieve our goals.

Supporting our community is Nugget Nation MKE’s primary goal. We are a woman-owned small business with deep ties to (and much love for) the people and places of greater Milwaukee. In addition to providing the community with our facility’s services, we intend to offer support through programming such as summer camps, specialty workshops, charity work, and family-focused classes.

Should you wish to connect to discuss opportunities to enhance the experience of Nugget Nation MKE’s patrons in support of our local community, please contact us.

Nug Crew, represent!

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